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Conviveo offers a wide range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Contact us to learn more.


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Developed the financial, technical and operational models that enabled a global banking organisation to assess the optimum geographic location for over 1000 applications and systems within a core business unit; identify several million dollars of cost reduction.


Responsible for the architecture and design of a new strategic cloud integration infrastructure for a financial regulator. This enabled the early delivery of a platform to support the regulation of an additional 60,000 firms.


Drove a step change in the commercial and architectural approach to IT infrastructure procurement, by implementing a controlled book of work and standard architectural patterns that reduced the time to delivery by over a third and increased the overall quality of deliverables.


Delivered a 3000 server multi-tenant IAAS compute environment with new operational and security processes and procedures within a 9-month period, from an empty building.

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+44 1923 839707

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